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Having a carpet requires a big commitment - there are things you should do to keep it nice, clean and soft. At the same time, there are things you shouldn’t do if you want to ensure that your carpet will stay in a great condition.

In this post, Cleanpro Tacoma Professionals will give you clues about what to avoid if you want to have a nice carpet.

Things to Avoid to Have a Nice Carpet

1. Letting it get filled with mud, stains and other substances can cause mold and bacteria to grow in it.
2. Allowing it to be damped or not drying it correctly can also result in disgusting mold and bacteria!
3. And, ignoring these mold growths after you’ve noticed them, can lead to an infested home and potential health problems.
4. Not taking into consideration the fabric it's made from and the needs it has to upkeep it can be harmful to it.
5. We may think that to clean a carpet, we need to rub, scrub and be rough. Still this could seriously damage it!
6. If you want your carpet to last, you shouldn’t leave it unprotected. For example, you can implement a “no shoes inside” rule.
7. You should vacuum your carpet often, but doing it on a daily basis can ruin its fibers!
8. Not vacuuming your carpet enough can also lead to dust buildup and the reproduction of nasty mini organisms in it. 
9. Forgetting to get it professionally deep cleaned once in a while can also be prejudicial.

For Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma…

As mentioned above, a professional deep clean is necessary every now and then. By getting one done, you will be stripping your carpet from all the horrible stains, odors and creatures that can affect it. 

If the time to get an expert job done has come around again, call Cleanpro at (253) 229-7499! We have an exclusive fast-drying method that will leave your carpet good as new. And remember: “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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