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Suede is a great, soft fabric that makes our couches extra cozy and comfy, and our houses look more classy. Sadly, it comes at a price! Suede can get dirty, fast! It’s like glue to dirt and filth.

For your suede to stay on its best behavior, and to avoid having to replace your upholstery prematurely, there needs to be real commitment. Keep it looking and feeling good as new with the pointers Cleanpro Tacoma Professionals has for you on how to prevent a nasty suede situation!

Tips to a Happy Suede Life!

1. Protect and Prevent

First and foremost, to avoid disaster, you need to take some measurements!
-Establish rules (like shoes off and no food on the suede couch)!
-Use a stain and water repellent (and reapply as necessary).
-Use throws and covers to protect it from dust when you have no guests around.
-If possible, keep it away from the sun! Discoloration is common!

2. Maintain

As you know, suede is high-maintenance fabric so, you need to commit to it!
-Create a schedule in which you can keep track of the necessary routine cleanups.
-Make sure you vacuum thoroughly and lift up the cushions to clean any dirt that’s under there.
-Brush it! As crazy as it may sound, hairs and dirt stick to suede, so you need extra efforts to get them off! You can even get a lint roller for this purpose.

3. Act Quick!

When an accident happens, make sure to act as quick as possible!
-Blot the spot dry.
-Then, use a cleaner to remove stains and make it good as new.

If Something Happens to Your Suede...

If you need a bit of help with the cleanup, Cleanpro has got your back! We have an Upholstery Cleaner and a great technique to clean your carpets and furniture!

So, if you’re looking for a suede stain preventer, clean up or a regular service of carpet cleaning in Tacoma, dial (253) 229-7499!

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