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Organic is quite the buzzword in our society today, and for good reason. It is important to know and understand what chemicals we are putting into our bodies and our homes. At Cleanpro Tacoma we have a system of carpet cleaning that does not use unnecessary chemicals. You can be sure that your family is safe when we clean your carpets. Do you know that there are even organic carpet options available now? The most common organic carpets are wool, which is why we will focus on it today. We’d like to give you a list of possible setbacks and definite benefits of organic carpeting, so that you can make a very informed decision for your family and your home. 

Let’s start with the cons and work our way to the pros, shall we?


Not to deter you from taking the organic option, please be aware that there are some possible setbacks to your organic wool carpet.
-Wool, particularly organic wool, is a more expensive option
-Insects, specifically moths, are attracted to wool
-Wool can cause an allergic reaction in some people, if you have a wool allergy already, we advise you not to go with this option
-It will stain more easily with wine and other acidic liquids


Organic wool, taken from untreated or naturally treated sheep, has numerous beneficial qualities.
-It is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, however this does not mean it is invulnerable
-Wool fibers help to regulate temperatures, providing a cooler environment
-If your organic wool carpet is naturally dyed, the color will hold well
-It is soft and easy to clean
-Stating the obvious here, it is environmentally friendly

When making the best decisions for you and your family, there is a lot to consider. Know that whatever you decide on, the carpet cleaning professionals at Cleanpro can help you when it is time to clean those carpets. To find out more about our carpet cleaning services, browse our website or give us a call, (253) 229-7499.

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