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There is nothing more annoying than dealing with cigarette smoke smell lingering around your house. It doesn’t matter if the previous owner smoked 2 packs a day, or your guest couldn’t refrain from smoking during the weekend.  How are you going to remove this smell from your house?

We’re sure you love your carpet: it’s soft, protects you from falls, keeps you warm in winter, and represents your style. Not only that, but we know you put in a lot of work to keep it looking pretty and feeling comfy. Which is why it’s so frustrating to realize that your carpet is not what it...
We’ve said it time and time again in this blog: accidents happen! Unfortunately, sometimes our carpets are the ones that pay for it! Whether bleach, fire or other harmful occurrence has put your carpet in danger, Cleanpro in Tacoma will tell you how to approach this dreadful situation!

Plan of...

Suede is a great, soft fabric that makes our couches extra cozy and comfy, and our houses look more classy. Sadly, it comes at a price! Suede can get dirty, fast! It’s like glue to dirt and filth.

For your suede to stay on its best behavior, and to avoid having to replace your upholstery...
Red wine is delicious, but you definitely don’t want it on your carpet. This small accident could happen, and it may look like something that could ruin your fine evening. Fear not! There is always a way to deal with this annoying stain. 

That’s why, at Cleanpro in Tacoma, we prepared this...

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