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 In your struggle to keep your carpet clean and looking new, you’ve likely tried many different techniques. You’ve even perhaps used vinegar on your carpet to remove certain stains. However, there are some things that just won’t come out. If you’ve got mold in an area of carpet for instance, most would agree that the only real way to remove it is by replacing the carpet before it spreads. Now, if you’ve only got mold on a small area of carpet, you can always consider replacing only the affected area. Cleanpro Tacoma would like to help you today, if that’s what you wish to do, by giving you some easy steps to replace or patch a piece of your carpet.

Find a Piece to Replace the Old Stuff

Your first step in patching a piece of carpet is to find a replacement piece. If you’ve got leftover carpet pieces from the installation, that would be ideal. However, if the carpet was put in a while ago and you just don’t have any pieces yet, then consider getting a piece from a closet or somewhere else it won’t matter as much.

Once you’ve located the piece of carpet you’re going to replace, remember that you may also need to replace the padding. Check and see if the stain or the mold has gotten through the carpet completely. If so, then be safe and replace the padding. If not, just proceed with replacing the carpet only.

Next you’ll cut out the repair piece and make sure that you give yourself plenty of extra room to work with. You can trim the piece once you get it to the area you need replaced.

Use a piece of tape to indicate the direction of the carpet fibers in order to ensure you put the carpet piece in the same way, following the same direction as the surrounding carpet.

In order to ensure it stays firmly in place, you can cut out a piece of fabric to glue under the hole in the carpet, from where you’ve removed the damaged piece. Using carpet glue, glue the fabric to the underside of the carpet to keep it in place.

Once that’s dried, put in the new piece of carpet, again using carpet glue on the underside to keep it secure.

Ruffle the carpet edges with your fingers in order to make the fibers from the replacement piece blend with the fibers around it. This will help you to ensure that you can’t see the hole.
Let is sit overnight and then vacuum in the morning to really give it that same carpet feel.

Now that you’ve gotten the major stain or moldy area out of the way, you may think it’s time to get a good overall cleaning on your carpet. Remember the professionals at Cleanpro for this task. For carpet cleaning in Tacoma, be sure to contact us at (253) 229-7499.

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