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Are you hesitant to host dinner parties and events because of the stains that usually come with them? Don’t let a common stain like gravy get in the way of you and your family enjoying your dinner space. If you’re looking for cleaning services Tacoma, then Cleanpro Tacoma has an easy tip to fight gravy stains.

When it comes to any stain

The faster you can act, the more likely you are to remove the stain.

  • Start with a clean white piece of cloth or paper towel and gently blot up any gravy sitting on the surface of your carpet. To minimize the stain area, don’t rub the area - only blot.  
  • In addition to your carpet detergent, mix in a liter of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of white vinegar and soak your cloth
  • Blot the mixture around the outside of the stain and work your way in. Be careful to only concentrate on small parts at a time. While it is important for the stain to be removed as quickly as possible, rushing by cleaning larger areas can lead to unnecessary carpet discoloration.
  • When it comes to gravy, persistence is key. If the stain hasn’t been completely removed the first time, dry the area completely and reapply the process, continuing until the stain has been removed.  
  • Once your gravy stain has been removed, carefully rinse any left over water or solution.  To do this, rinse the area gently with a fresh piece of clean cloth and some clean warm water.  Again, make sure you don’t rub the carpet to avoid any carpet discoloration.

Have other stains that just won’t budge?

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