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Red wine is delicious, but you definitely don’t want it on your carpet. This small accident could happen, and it may look like something that could ruin your fine evening. Fear not! There is always a way to deal with this annoying stain. 

That’s why, at Cleanpro in Tacoma, we prepared this guide that will take care of that mess in no time. The best part? You will only need things that are available in every home.

Handle That Red Wine Situation

Blot the Stain!  

Your initial reaction is right! Use a clean cloth to remove as much wine as you can. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rub your carpet’s fibers, so be gentle. 

Prepare a Cleaning Solution

Use a spray bottle to mix two cups of hot water, one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of liquid soap. Remember that each carpet's fibers are different, and they should be treated according to its own specifications. So try your cleaning solution in a small area, before you apply it to the stain. 

Spray the Area!

Spray your cleaning solution on the stain, and use a clean cloth to dry the area. Make you don’t use a lot of it! Damp carpets are a big no-no. It’s important that you work the stain from the outside, that way you will prevent the red wine from spreading.


The stain is almost gone, but there will still be some remaining moisture and cleaning solution. To remove them, simply use your vacuum cleaner. This will also help to restore your carpet’s fibers. 

Getting rid of red wine stains is simple! Remember this easy solution next time you have guests over, so you won’t be scared to serve that delicious red wine. 

Yes, stains are the worst and if you are currently struggling with one of them;  it’s time to call the pros! Remember that you won’t find a better carpet cleaning service in Tacoma than Cleanpro! To learn more about the countless benefits of our cleaning system, please call (253) 229-7499.

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