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We’ve said it time and time again in this blog: accidents happen! Unfortunately, sometimes our carpets are the ones that pay for it! Whether bleach, fire or other harmful occurrence has put your carpet in danger, Cleanpro in Tacoma will tell you how to approach this dreadful situation!

Plan of Action After a Carpet-Threatening Situation!

Get a Professional Team/Opinion

We may think that there’s no saving our carpet after we put so much effort into trying to restore it ourselves. Still, it may be a good idea to get a team of professionals to assess the situation, clean the carpet expertly, and provide their opinion on whether the carpet needs to be replaced or not!


If your carpet is damaged, maybe all your home needs is a makeover! Try thinking of new ways to take advantage of the space, so you can rearrange your furniture, and conveniently hide the flawed patches in your floor while you’re at it!

Cover Up

Another stylish alternative is to get some nice rugs and place them over the affected areas! Pick a design that compliments your home and that enhances the space. This way, you’ll add a bit more elegance and style to your room while saving a ton of money on replacing the carpet!

Spot Treat

If the harm was done in a small portion of the carpet, you can try replacing just that area. This is a great option so you don’t have to spend as much money and time getting the whole thing replaced! Still, if that won’t cut it, you’ll have to...

Replace Entirely

When there’s nothing left to do, the only answer is to tackle the whole problem and get the carpet replaced. Yes, it can be an expensive endeavour but, as you know, having a carpet can bring lots of benefits! You’ll just need to be more careful this time around and try some tips to extend your carpet’s life span!

If You Need a Professional Team...

Remember that you can count on Cleanpro to professionally assess the state of your flooring and provide expert carpet cleaning in Tacoma! Call (253) 229-7499, so we can help you figure out what you can do about your carpet!

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