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 When it comes to caring for your carpets, you know that Cleanpro has got you covered. But, are you also aware that we can help you to keep your upholstery looking as good as new as well? Between professional cleans, you’ll want to be sure you familiarize yourself with how to care for area rugs as well as your carpet, and today Cleanpro in Tacoma would like to share a few tips with you as to how you can care for your upholstered furniture as well. 

Your first step in caring for your upholstery is to be sure that you regularly vacuum it. Unless specifically instructed otherwise, there should be no issue with doing so. Your upholstery, as it is material, will benefit from having the daily dirt and dust vacuumed off of it on a regular basis. 

If you’ve got a spot or stain on one of your beloved pieces of furniture, you will likely consider removing it with some sort of cleaner. Remember to test your method on an area, perhaps the underside of the cushion, to ensure it’s not harmful to the material. 

Once you have decided on a cleaning solution, then you’ll want to remember to blot the stain instead of soaking it. This is especially the case if you cannot remove the upholstery from the padding. Remember that soaking the upholstery then, will also mean getting the padding very wet. This could cause problems later if you do not dry it well enough, including mold. 

Lastly, remember, even your furniture can benefit from a professional clean, and Cleanpro is here to do just that. For carpet cleaning in Tacoma remember to contact us at, (253) 229-7499. Don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets!

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