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Hiring professional cleaners is an important step to maintain the beauty and style of your carpet; they know how to handle difficult stains, remove harmful particles and thoroughly clean your carpet’s fibers to extend its life.

A frequently asked question is, what should people do before the professionals arrive? For this reason, at Cleanpro in Tacoma, we would like to tell you some things to prepare before your service. 

Save Room

Keep in mind that we transport our equipment in our van, and sometimes it can be difficult to move it around. Try to save for us a parking spot close to your house, so we don’t have to lose time driving around the neighborhood.  


If it’s possible, you can vacuum the area to remove the most superficial debris before your service. That way, the professionals can focus on a more thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to move small furniture like chairs or magazine racks to another room.   

Move your Objects

It’s important that you also remove fragile items from the room, even though we will be very careful, accidents can happen. Most companies have a reputation to maintain, so you shouldn’t worry about your valuable items, however, if it makes you feel safer, take them with you during the service. 

What you Want

Don’t forget to communicate with your cleaner, make a list of which area requires special attention or what kind of stains they are dealing with. 

These simple ideas will help us to provide you with the incredible service you deserve. Remember that it’s recommended to hire professional carpet cleaners at least twice a year, specially if you have pets and children. Also, make sure to read these signs that you need professional carpet cleaning. 

However, you shouldn’t settle for just any company! At CLEANPRO, we’ve created an exclusive Ion Exchange that combines the sciences of thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid mechanics, and economics, so you can say goodbye to having your carpet wet for days. For this and many other benefits, consider us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, and remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”.

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