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Carpets are warm, cozy, fuzzy and they give our houses a homey feel and style. Nonetheless, sooner or later, stains will start creeping up in them. Accidents happen and we can’t do much to avoid them, but their aftermaths are the worst. Stains are such a pain! The Cleanpro Tacoma Professionals will give you a few reasons why this is true:

Why We Hate Carpet Stains

They Dirty Everything Up

Stains are an eyesore! They stand out in a bad way and they immediately catch the eye. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is; if you have a dirty carpet, everything else will look filthy as well!

They Smell

Stains aren’t just bad to the sight, they also affect the way your whole house smells! Your carpet gets impregnated with the aroma of whatever it is you dropped in it, and it can be hours or days before it’s completely gone.

They're Hard to Get Off

The real kicker about stains is that, they’re never truly gone. You can try with different methods and products to take them out, but after all the hard work, you’ll still be able to see their silhouette haunting your floor.

They Spread Bacteria

Stains are bad in a few different levels. The worst them is that, even after you’ve cleaned your food accident off your carpet, some particles linger on under the surface which can cause bacteria and other organisms to grow and feed on your floor!

Stains truly are a pebble in our shoes for all the reasons mentioned above! Which is why, we should avoid them at any cost and act fast to get them off when accidents happen. 

If your carpet is filled with stains already and you would like a professional carpet cleaning in Tacoma, Cleanpro is here for you! Call (253) 229-7499 to get your carpet and whole house feeling and looking good as new!

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