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Choosing the Right Carpet for Allergies

You may be refraining from buying a new carpet because you or a loved one has an allergy and think a carpet is the worst idea ever. Cleanpro Tacoma sets out to prove this is not the case!

Low Emissions and Allergen Trapper

When indoor environment awareness grew, many turned to carpet as a potential offender due to the materials it often was made of; the carpet industry in turn reacted by doing their best to lower chemical emissions, and now, new carpets are of the lowest emitters. Many people also believe carpet is an ideal reservoir for dust and bugs because of the lint it accumulates in comparison to hardwood surfaces- but actually, carpet traps those very things and prevent them from floating in the open air. Vacuuming it regularly will get rid of them altogether.

Bacteria in Carpet

Carpet can contain bacteria, but so can many other surfaces and things we use in our everyday life, just by coming into contact with thin air. Most bacteria found in carpet are of the gram negative variety and come from our dead skin cells, and if carpets are clean and dry, there's no chance of a colony growing in place. Also, you have a greater chance of becoming infected by bacteria from grabbing a doorknob than from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma

The new materials and processes involved in carpet manufacturing, as well as regular maintenance, make carpet ideal for people with or without allergies. And for the best carpet cleaning in Tacoma, Cleanpro is the best choice! Call (253) 229-7499 to have them allergen free and spotless.

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