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If you are in the process of deciding on a new carpet, you’ve probably begun to realize just how many options there are out there for you. Though you may already have some ideas in mind, there may be some areas you’re still unsure about. Cleanpro in Tacoma would love to assist you today by providing a few tips on how to best decide on the right carpet for your home. 

Carpet types

- For rooms with low traffic, you can consider plush carpet. It is, as the name indicates, very soft. The possible issues with plush is that footprints will always be visible, unless just vacuumed, and this carpet is particularly susceptible to pooling. 
- Berber is great for families with small children and pets. It is an exceptionally durable carpet, less likely to absorb stains quickly, and will not show signs of wear as quickly. Berber is easy to clean, functional, and stylish carpet. 
- Textured carpets are made with fibers of different heights, reflecting light, and making dirt and stains less visible. These attributes make textured carpets another good option for high traffic areas.
- Keep in mind that there are some Textured Berber carpets out there. If you can, keep this kind in mind when looking for carpet in a home lived in by children and/or pets. 

Colors and/or patterns

When deciding on colors or patterns of carpet it is important to first decide what you want the carpet to do. Are you considering the carpet as a focal point or do you have a room full of great art, painted walls, and/or focal furniture? Are you interested in making a large room look more cozy? Try a darker, deeper color carpet. If you’ve got a small room that you want to make appear larger, go for a light carpet, such as tan. 


Don’t break the bank when purchasing a carpet. Yes, it is important to be sure you are happy with the end result, but set a budget and stick to it. 


Know what you’re getting into and be sure to keep your family and your lifestyle in mind. As the seller about cleaning options, but remember those types which we suggested for families with young children, pets, or particularly accident prone adults even, and purchase carpet accordingly. 

Go Green

It is important that you are aware of just how bad carpet can be for our environment. The chemicals put in non-natural carpets, including formaldehyde, can often be of danger to your family. So, be sure you are clear on what you’re buying. You have organic carpet options to consider, as well as carpets made from recycled materials. 

Remember that at Cleanpro we will help you keep your existing carpet, new or otherwise, as clean as possible. For carpet cleaning in Tacoma, be sure to contact us a, (253) 229-7499. Remember, Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets!

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