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Here at Cleanpro in Tacoma, of course we want the carpet of our clients to be in top shape, but we do not wish to forget the other types of surfaces in your home which need your attention. Since you’ve already learned about the signs to know when to replace your carpet, you may be considering doing so, and you certainly don’t want your new carpet to outshine the wooden surfaces in your home. Whether you’ve got wooden floors or great wooden furniture, it’s important to know and understand the proper way to clean those surfaces, keeping them protected, shining, and like new. For this reason, we would like to provide three simple tips to remember how to keep your wooden surfaces clean. 

Do not forgot that dusting is the most crucial and frequent way to clean your wood surfaces.
It is recommended that you use either feather or terry cloth dusters
Remember to dust in the direction of the grain
After multiple years of dusting, using this method and these products, you’ll find that your wood maintains more of its original shine and beauty than if you were to haphazardly clean these wooden surfaces

If you choose to use a spray polish on these surfaces, proceed with caution. Unless you’ve purchased wooden furniture covered in plastic, as is such with almost anything geared toward children, you’ll find that a spray polish will begin to dull the wood. If you’ve got plastic covered wooden furniture, spray away, otherwise invest in specialty wood surface cleaners. 

When considering waxing your wooden furniture you’ve got two options, liquid and paste wax. 
Liquid Wax:
Can and will protect the surface
It is easier to apply
Will need reapplication more frequently

Paste Wax:
Can protect the surface for up to two years
More difficult to apply, and takes time to do so

Both options will work, but it is up to you to weigh them and decide what makes the most sense for you. 

Now that you’ll find such beautiful and freshly cleaned wooden surfaces in your home, you may find that your carpet looks a bit dull in comparison. Don’t fret. For carpet cleaning in Tacoma, don’t forget to contact us, (253) 229-7499. Remember, Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets!

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