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Time goes by for everything. Do you remember when your carpet was soft and fluffy? Well, daily use and some natural characteristics of carpets cause that they don’t look the same as they used to. But don’t worry! Most of these problems are common, and are not considered manufacturing defects.

Here al Cleanpro in Tacoma, we made a quick list of the most common problems that carpet users may find, and we didn't forget to include a couple of ways to prevent or fix them. 

These are some of the most common carpet troubles:


This condition is most of the times unavoidable; especially if your carpet is located in a high traffic area like staircases or hallways. They also appear if heavy furniture is placed on it. One solution could be placing furniture coasters. 

Color Loss

Ultraviolet light, pesticides and other household products can slowly cause the discoloration of your carpet; just like any other colored fabric. Protect it! In this case window treatments and curtains are your best option.


A natural process for a carpet is to shed. This can be annoying at the beginning, but it could be easily fixed with regular vacuuming, and after a few weeks this problem will decrease


This is one of the most common problems. Beverages or food spilled all over the carpet. Sometime stains could be easily removed by normal cleaning. Other times you will have to call the professional cleaners like Cleanpro, who know how to deal with those tenacious stains; and it will help to extend your carpet's life

As we said before, some of these problems are caused by the daily use. Fortunately, you can always do something about those stains and odors in your carpets. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, make sure to look for Cleanpro! Where we are experts on dealing with all kinds of stains using a revolutionary cleaning system!

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