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Just like any other home furnishings, your carpet needs to be taken care of. Even so, after a while, it may present some issues. Learn more about these in this post.

Common Carpet Troubles and How to Resolve Them

Wall to wall carpeting has many benefits, but in order to enjoy these benefits, you will have to take care of it. Regular maintenance and cleaning can keep away major issues, but, over time, your carpet will get older and need more attention. Learn about some of the most common carpet issues carpet owners may face and how to resolve these issues.

Matted and Crushed Carpet Fibers

A matted carpet is the result of individual carpet fibers untwisting and getting matted together, causing the carpet to lose some of its fluffiness and appeal. Similarly, crushed fibers are those that have untwisted and have been crushed as a result. This is usually the result of heavy foot traffic, improper cleaning, low-quality carpet, or neglect. A professional carpet cleaning can help these fibers come back to life and can make your carpet fluffy again. If this is the result of heavy foot traffic, consider changing your furniture around every so often in order to avoid uneven carpet wear.

Fluffing and Shedding Carpet

Carpet fluffing and shedding is most common with new carpets. When carpet is brand new it can release loose fibers, making it look like it's shedding. Some carpets are more prone to shedding than others, but this should only last around one to two months. You may not see the loose fibers on your carpet, but you may notice them in your vacuum cleaner. If your carpet isn't supposed to shed at all, look for more gentle carpet maintenance techniques and consider calling a professional service for more specialized help.

Buckles and Ripples

If your carpet suddenly has ripples going across it, you may have a moisture problem on your hands. In fact, buckling and rippling are both caused by water or moisture in general. If your carpet has gotten wet, this can cause it or your carpet backing to shrink or expand. This will then lead your carpet to have issues laying flat. To prevent this from becoming an issue in your home, avoid carpet cleanings that include water or moisture. If you've already gone through one of these cleanings and are left dealing with the consequences, you can contact a professional carpet cleaning service and ask them to stretch your carpet back to size. Getting a professional carpet cleaning can do wonders for your carpet. In fact, taking care of this regularly can make your carpet last a lot longer. To get the best cleaning around, contact the carpet experts at Tacoma Cleanpro. Give them a call at (253) 229- 7499 to schedule your next carpet cleaning.

Fading Carpet Dye

Since carpets are dyed to achieve a range of color options, it's no surprise that exposure to certain conditions can cause this dye to fade. Direct sunlight and even exposure to certain chemicals can cause your carpet to lose its color. Some carpet types are more susceptible to these issues, so be sure to ask about this before purchasing a new carpet. To avoid uneven fading, consider moving your furniture around every so often so that the same areas aren't always exposed. Avoid using chemical cleaners that can cause fading and instead hire professional cleaners. If your carpet is already looking quite faded, look for a service that can re-dye your carpet for you.

Carpet Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a normal part of carpet ownership, but it can be minimized with a bit of work. Through the years, your carpet may pick up some stains, the fibers may get worn down, and you might even spot some tears. While most of this is normal, you can still take precautions to reduce this wear. Cleaning your carpet regularly, keeping up with carpet maintenance, and professional carpet cleanings can all lead to a longer carpet life. Many carpet manufacturers even offer warranties, but you have to be sure to stick to their conditions. Professional carpet cleanings once a year are often a requirement for your carpet warranty to remain valid, so retain proof of this maintenance just in case. DIY carpet cleaning methods can sometimes void your warranty, so avoid these and stick to professional methods.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Pierce County

If your carpet has seen better days, a carpet cleaning in Pierce County may be exactly what it needs. Contact Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499 to schedule your next cleaning. They can help get your carpet back to its absolute best.

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