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Having a carpet has a lot of advantages! It's is a great insulator that keeps the temperature of your house, and this translates into a lower power bill! It also brings the style you want for your home.

On the downside there are somethings that can damage your carpet, and they threat to reduce its lifespan. 

Here at Cleanpro Tacoma, we know how much you care about your carpet, and how you would like it to last as much as it should. That’s why; we give you five tips that will help you to keep your carpet in great conditions.

Plese remember these simple tips:

It’s All About The Pad

A good pad will not only absorb impact that your carpet will be exposed to, but it will also make it underfoot comfortable. This will extend the life of your carpet; specially in high foot traffic areas like staircases. 

Your Vacuum Cleaner

It’s possible that your vacuum cleaner isn’t doing the job it supposed to. Why? Because after the bag is over half of its capacity it becomes ineffective. Check frequently the space of your bag, and make sure that your vacuum cleaner is working as it should! 


Another common carpet problem is fading. Yes, sunlight can be harmful to your carpet. It will cause fading, and it will give to your carpet an untidy look. You can prevent this by using blinds or shades in your home.


Heavy furniture and high foot traffic could lead to the crushing of your carpet. Although this is a normal condition, you can avoid it by rotating heavy furniture and using carpet protectors under the legs of your chairs and sofas to distribute its weight. 

Act Fast!

Accidents happen and spilled wine can be removed if you act promptly! Remember that if you leave a spill in your carpet it will become permanent.

We have an extra tip: call the professional cleaners at least once a year! They have special equipment and techniques that will treat your carpet as it deserves.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, Cleanpro has an unique system that will remove all those stains on your carpet and will give it a fresh look! Want to know more? Please visit our website or call us at (253) 229-749.

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