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We all know mold: it’s that disgusting, smelly, and unsightly fungus that grows in our bathrooms or the dark corners in our homes. As you can imagine, it is one of the nastiest things you can find living in your carpet.

So, in order to help you fight it off better in your floor, Cleanpro Tacoma Professionalshave this post on facts about mold, so you can use them to your advantage!

6 Facts About Mold 

You Can’t Escape It

Sadly and frustratingly, mold is everywhere. It’s part of the dust in our homes, and in the air we breathe. Still, it may not be harmful in small doses.

It Thrives on Humidity

The thing is that mold needs very little to grow exponentially. For example, a poorly ventilated room or a humid carpet can do the trick.

May Cause Health Problems

If the mold has managed to expand and invade your home, it can affect the air quality and may even cause respiratory issues to some. 

You Can Keep It in Check

Don’t despair! By being constant and thorough with your cleaning routine and by drying everything correctly, you can keep it from being a problem.

But It May Be Too Much to Handle

If the mold problem has gotten out of your control, you’ll need to find a professional team to come and assess the situation and eliminate it for you.

It Can Be a Sign of Another Problem

If your mold problem is relentless, no matter how much you clean, it may be a sign of a crack or leak in one of your pipes or in the house’s structure!

For Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma…

If mold has infected your carpet beyond your abilities to clean it, call in the experts at Cleanpro! We offer the best service and results when it comes to bringing your flooring back to life. Plus, our fast-drying method ensures your carpet won’t be damped (and mold-prone) for days to come like with steam cleaners. Call (253) 229-7499 to set an appointment.

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