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Keeping your carpets clean and smelling fresh requires regular maintenance, but when you have some furry friends living with you, this can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Rest assured knowing that it is definitely possible to keep your carpets clean and your pets happy at home. Cleanpro of Tacoma has some suggestions to help you keep your carpets looking great and smelling fresh.

Clean Pets

Regularly bathing your pets and keeping them well groomed goes a long way in the fight for clean carpets. If your dog is smelling fresh and clean, your carpets are less likely to absorb the sometimes off-putting dog smell. Regularly brushing their hair will help avoid unsightly hair clumps around the house. Clipping and filing their nails will extend the life of your carpet by avoiding snags and tears caused by unkempt nails.


Having a mudroom or tile entryway is a great way to avoid dragging dirt and other stain causing agents into the house. This space between the outdoors and your clean carpets allows you to take care of cleaning your pet’s paws or fur before they have the chance to make it all the way in.

Potty train

If your pet is new in your home, make sure to get started on potty training right away. You can limit your pet to one room in your home until you feel they are fully trained. Accidents do happen so be ready to clean up after your pet. Use a rag to absorb as much as you can before treating the spot. Treating these types of accidents right away goes a long way in preventing stains and odors.


Vacuuming regularly is necessary in any carpeted space, but is even more important if you have a pet. You should vacuum your carpets at least twice a week if you have a pet living with you. If you use anything on your carpet, be sure it’s pet friendly.

If you have pets, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service regularly is a good idea. Know what signs to lookout for to determine if you need professional help with your carpets. For carpet cleaning and carpet protection in Tacoma, be sure to contact Tacoma Cleanpro at 253 229 7499 and ask about all of our services.

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