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Vacuuming may not seem like a tough chore that requires special techniques to work, but there are some adjustments you can make to your vacuuming habits in order for your work to be more effective.

Tips to Help You Vacuum More Efficiently

You probably have plenty of years of vacuuming experience under your belt, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're doing it right. As crazy as it may sound, yes, there are right and wrong ways to vacuum. To ensure you're getting the best use of your vacuum, check out these simple tips.

Avoid These Vacuuming Mistakes

Before you plug in your vacuum and start going over your carpet, be sure you're not making these common mistakes.

Vacuuming With a Full Bag

Changing your vacuum's bag may not only be a hassle, it can also become quite pricey. However, not changing the bag can actually cause your work to be in vain. If you're using your vacuum when the bag or canister is three-quarters full or more, this can result in dust and other particles being released back into the air and into your carpet, not to mention, the suction power won't be at its best. Whether you have a vacuum with a bag or canister, empty them when necessary. Be sure to do this outdoors to prevent dust from getting back into your carpet.

Not Changing the Air Filter

Many people forget that their vacuum includes an air filter that is an important part of the machine's function. After it's been in use for a while, the filter can become quite dirty and even clogged. If your filter gets clogged or is damaged, it may actually be useless. It doesn't need to be replaced as often as the bag, but do be sure to check on its condition every so often just to be sure its still working. If you have a HEPA filter, consider changing it every six months for the best results. If you have a HEPA filter, use these tips to maintain a clean air filter.

Ignoring a Dirty Brush

Many vacuums include a rotating brush that helps pick up additional hair and debris. The problem with this part of the machine is that as the brush fills up, it can start to malfunction and even stop turning if it gets jammed. This may not sound like a serious problem, but it can actually cause the motor to burn, resulting in an expensive repair. To keep it working at its best, snip or remove any tangles you see forming on it. If possible, remove the brush to make cleaning it easier. Even if you stick to a strict vacuuming routine, your carpets may still end up looking a bit worn after some time. This doesn't necessarily mean it's time to invest in new carpeting, but rather you may just need the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. Trust the experienced professionals at Tacoma Cleanpro to get your carpets back to their best. Call their professionals at (253) 229- 7499 to get your carpets back to their cleanest.

How to Vacuum Better

Now that you know what vacuuming mistakes to avoid, be sure to do the following for the best results.

Make Multiple Passes

If you don't particularly like to vacuum, chances are you pass your vacuum over your carpet quite quickly. This may help a bit, but it won't make a significant difference. Instead, take it slow and make multiple passes in different directions over your carpet so that you can pick up as much dirt and debris as possible.

Start With the Dusting

Before you turn on your vacuum, be sure the room is already clean. Start by decluttering and then dusting surfaces before moving on to vacuuming. This will ensure you pick up any dust that comes off of your surfaces instead of throwing it onto your carpet after its already been vacuumed.

Make It Part of Your Routine

If you can't seem to find the time to vacuum your carpet weekly, do your best to make it a part of your cleaning routine. This will make it easier to incorporate this chore into your weekly schedule. Remember that vacuuming should be taken care of two to three times a week to keep your carpet healthy.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Tacoma

Do you feel like you've done everything right with your carpets but just can't get them to look their best anymore? Before you start carpet shopping, give a professional carpet cleaning service a shot. The carpet experts at Tacoma Cleanpro use their very own CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System to get your carpets clean and ready to be walked on within hours. To learn more, contact them at (253) 229- 7499.

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