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The holiday season is just around the corner, which means you'll have plenty of guests stopping by your home. To get your home clean and looking great, use these simple cleaning tips.

Get Ready for the Holiday Season With These Cleaning Tips

Since the holidays are coming up quickly, you may not have enough time to give your home the deep cleaning you had hoped for. If you're expecting guests or planning a holiday party at your home, you can still get some cleaning done before your guests arrive. Use the tips below to prepare your home to receive your guests.

Declutter Your Home

The first step to getting your home looking clean and tidy when you're short on time is decluttering. Walk around the rooms in your home where you will be receiving your guests and pick up all the toys and other items littered on the floor. After this, clear off the furniture in each of these spaces so that things look tidier and put together. Finish off by cleaning off countertops and storing miscellaneous items that are not in their place. If your countertops are generally cluttered, this is a good time to go through all of these items and get rid of whatever you don't need anymore.

Make the Living Room Cozy

Since the living room is likely a space that gets used often, especially when you have guests over, this should be the biggest focus while you clean and tidy up. After decluttering the living room, grab your vacuum and give the carpet a quick cleaning. Before this, make sure side tables and other surfaces have been cleaned and dusted. It's also a good idea to vacuum your couch cushions and fluff them. Add some throws to the couch so that people can cozy up. If you have a fireplace, prepare this to be used to create a warmer and cozier mood.

Get the Carpets Cleaned

If your carpets are looking worn, no matter how much cleaning you do, the room will still look untidy. Now is the perfect time to get a professional carpet cleaning and get your flooring back to its best. Not only will this help you get rid of stains, but a carpet cleaning will also remove bad odors coming from the carpet. This will ensure your home is ready to welcome guests all season long. Get your carpets looking great this season with a professional carpet cleaning service in Federal Way. Contact the carpet cleaning pros at Tacoma Cleanpro to learn more about their patented cleaning system. Contact them at (253) 229- 7499 today!

Get the Kitchen Spotless

Next up is the kitchen and the dining area. If you're preparing food for your get-togethers, then these areas should also be spotless. Start by wiping off the counters and appliances and then sweep and mop the floors. Wash all of the dishes in the sink and make sure the stove isn't greasy or covered in crumbs. If there are strong odors in your kitchen, neutralize these by boiling some water with lemon zest in it. Prepare the dining area with the appropriate dressings for the season, such as fresh flowers for a centerpiece.

Introduce Seasonal Scents

A home that smells good will always be more inviting, so focus some of your efforts on getting your home to smell great. Take out the trash if you're expecting guests since trash can permeate the air without you even noticing. Baking some treats for your guests ensures you have something to offer them while also leaving a delicious scent in your home. You can also use scented candles in seasonal scents to create a warm and cozy environment.

Focus on the Details

Finally, focus on the smaller things that make a big difference. For starters, have a coat rack where your guests can comfortably leave their coat and outdoor accessories. It also helps to turn on the heater so that they feel warm and welcome as soon as they step inside. In the bathroom, use a fresh scent that isn't too strong. Add some seasonal touches to give it a cuter appearance, and don't forget to get this place spotless. If you have mirrors around your home, clean these so that they're shiny nor streaky.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Federal Way This Season

Getting ready to welcome guests into your home this holiday season? Prepare your carpets for this with the help of a carpet cleaning service in Federal Way. Schedule your carpet cleaning with the best, Tacoma Cleanpro. Contact them at (253) 229- 7499 to learn more about their carpet cleaning system. While you're at it, ask about their tile and grout services.

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