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We know how much you like to take care of your house; you want it to be tidy, and you’ve worked hard to create a space where you, your family and your guests can feel comfortable.

Unfortunately there are somethings that you can’t control, and with all this snow is possible that the moisture could have formed some mildew on your carpet. As you know, this fungus could have some negative effects in your family’s health.

That’s why here at Cleanpro in Tacoma we created a quick guide to get rid of this problem. 

Remember these tips if you find mildew on your carpet:

What You Will Need

To remove mildew from your carpet you will need your vacuum cleaner, a bottle of warm water with a tablespoon of liquid soap, a bottle of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar and a clean cloth.

The Mighty Vacuum Cleaner 

The first thing you will have to do is vacuum the mildew with your vacuum cleaner. Since most of the times it has a powder like consistency it should be easily removed.  But if the stain is still there...

Use a Solution

Use your hot water with soap and flood the area and take your cloth to blot the area. Remember to be gentle, otherwise you will damage your carpet’s fibers. 

Now that the area is fairly dry is time to use your vinegar solution, remember that vinegar is a powerful liquid that will also get rid of the odor. Spray it over the area and use your vacuum to absorb the remaining moisture. 

As you can see, getting rid of mildew is easier than you think! Yet a thorough cleaning is recommended at least once a year; that way you will be giving to your carpet the maintenance it needs. 

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, Cleanpro is your best choice. For more information about us and our unique cleaning system please call (253) 229-7499

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