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If you're getting ready to schedule your next professional carpet cleaning, be sure your home is ready when the cleaners show up. Not sure what's needed? This post can help!

Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Carpet Cleaning

If you've never had your carpets professionally cleaned, you may feel intimidated the first time. While there isn't too much to it, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you prepare for the arrival of your cleaners. To make this even easier, the carpet cleaning pros at Tacoma Cleanpro have these tips for you.

Vacuum Your Carpet

Since you're expecting the cleaners to do all the work, it may seem odd to have you vacuum your carpet before they show up, but this is a crucial step in the process. Vacuuming will help remove debris and dirt on the surface of your carpet, making it easier for your carpet cleaners to get a deeper clean. Without this excess debris, they can really focus on getting those deep stains and issues out of your carpet.

Leave Space in Your Driveway

Most carpet cleaning services will rely on heavy-duty equipment to get your carpets clean. To make it easier for your cleaners to access your home with their equipment, leave some space for them in your driveway. This will make it easier for them to complete their job with less of a struggle. By leaving them space in your driveway, you can help them save tons of time setting up and transporting heavy materials to and from your carpeted areas.

Move Your Furniture

To save time, you want to be sure your carpets are ready to be cleaned as soon as the cleaners show up. This means you'll need to move the furniture out of the rooms being treated. Pick up any toys are smaller items which may be on the floor and move smaller furniture items into another space in the home. Fragile and valuable items should also be move elsewhere even if they're not on the carpet. Keep in mind that items hanging on the wall may get bumped during the cleaning process, so don't risk damaging them. Some furniture items may be too large and heavy to move out of the way, in which case your cleaners will simply clean around them. If you're getting ready to schedule your next carpet cleaning, schedule it with the best carpet cleaning service in Pierce County, Tacoma Cleanpro. Their carpet cleaning system ensures your carpets will get clean safely. To learn more about their carpet cleaning system, contact them at (253) 229- 7499.

Ask About Additional Fees

Not all cleaning companies offer the same services, so be sure to ask about what their services include before scheduling your carpet cleaning. Not only can services be different, but additional fees can also surprise you afterward, leaving you paying more than you expected. For example, some carpet cleaners will move your furniture for you at an additional cost, others will do certain items for free, while others won't move any furniture at all. As you shop around for your ideal cleaners, be sure to ask questions about what's included in the service and what additional fees you may accrue.

Keep Pets and Small Children at a Distance

If you have pets in your home or small children, it's best to find a sitter for them while your carpets are being cleaned. You don't want them to wander into the room being cleaned because this can cause any number of issues. Since they're generally very curious, this isn't an uncommon occurrence. If you can't find a sitter, simply keeping your children or small pets in another room during the process can be of huge help.

Have Your Questions Ready

Before your cleaners arrive, have some questions and observations ready for them. You may have questions about how you can treat stains yourself or how to prevent certain damage from occurring on your carpet. Since they're experts in carpet, your cleaners should be able to resolve some of these questions for you. It also helps if you know what the problem areas in your carpet are so that you can point them out to your cleaner before they get to work.

Get Your Carpet Back to Its Best With a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Pierce County

Before scheduling your next carpet cleaning service in Pierce County with just any cleaners, check out what Tacoma Cleanpro has to offer. Their carpet cleaning method uses minimal moisture so that your carpets won't suffer any damage in the process. To learn more about this or to schedule your carpet cleaning, contact them at (253) 229- 7499. You can also ask about their tile and grout services to get more than your carpets back to their best.

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