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This cold weather invites us to retreat to our homes, and enjoy the company of our families. So it's time for a nice cup of hot chocolate and chimney, that will provide a cozy enviroment to our house. 

Sounds great? Of course! But there is a downside, and some of the soot can end up on our carpet giving it an untidy look. Here at Cleanpro in Tacomawe want that your carpet stays neat. That's why we made this guide that will help you to get rid of that soot.

Remember these tips to remove soot from your carpet:

First Step

A natural reaction to remove the soot will be to brush the area; don’t do it! It will only penetrate your carpet's fibers making it harder to remove. If you find large pieces of soot, remove them with a spoon. 

What you will need…

Getting rid of soot can be tricky. That’s why you will need: baking soda, a clean cloth, a vacuum cleaner and a dry cleaning solution; you can try warm water in a spray bottle with some liquid soap. 

Taking Care of It

Sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area, and let it settle for at least an hour. Remove the powder with your vacuum cleaner, and flood the area with your cleaning solution. 

Blot the area with your cleaning cloth, until the area is dry and clean; you can use your vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining moisture.

As you can see getting rid of that soot from your carpet is easy. Remember that stains are a common carpet problem, so if you are having problems; it’s time to call the professionals.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, think about Cleanpro! Our eco-friendly system dries in 1-2 hours, so forget about those wet carpets! For more information about us and our services please call (253) 229-7499.

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