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How to Select the Right Carpet

Carpets can change a room's personality, but not all carpets are adequate for all kinds of spaces. As a continuation of this post, in the following article we'll discuss some other things to take into consideration when buying a new carpet for your home.

Select It According to the Room

When in the store you may feel tempted by all the options available, but before grabbing the piece you liked most on a whim, ask yourself the following questions: For what room would this carpet be? What do you use the room for? Does it get a lot of traffic? Does it receive a lot of sunlight, and does it change during the day?

Take Materials into Consideration

Just as we stated before, it's very important to think about the materials the carpet is made of. Wool is versatile, resistant and luxurious, but pricey; nylon is also very versatile, and cheaper; polypropylene, also known as olefin, doesn't fade and does well with traffic; polyester is soft and easy to care for; triexta, a new material, combines the properties of polyester and nylon; and lastly, carpets made from recycled materials, like soda bottles, can be very durable as well.

Texture and Weave

The fibers of every carpet can be cut, looped or cut and looped. Cut fibers vary in density of tufts and amount of twisting, but can be very durable; looped fibers are ideal for areas of high traffic, and cut and looped carpets can conceal some stains.

Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma

After you choose the carpet that best suits your needs, you'll need to care for it so that it maintains its good appearance. And for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, who better than Cleanpro Tacoma to do the job? Call us at (253) 229-7499 for an estimate!

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