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In a previous post, we covered all the reasons why stains can be the worst thing to find in your carpet. However, there are some substances that are even more annoying than others; so much so that their staining power can surpass all of your attempts to clean them off. 

In this post, Cleanpro in Tacoma will give you a list of the most annoying stains to find in your flooring, so you can be extra careful when handling them at home!

Top 5 of the Most Stubborn Stains

Mustard: while it may provide great taste to your food, mustard is a pain to find in your carpet! Be cautious when dealing with this intense yellow condiment.

Colored Drinks: Kool-Aid, red wine, coffee, and other beverages can quench your thirst, but they’ll also make you scream with terror if they find their way to your floor.

Cosmetics: while your make-up is meant to cover flaws and enhance your natural features, almost no amount of cleaning will be able to conceal the stains it causes on carpets.

Blood: blood may be vital for us to live, but does the complete opposite for your carpet since it can ruin it with the ultra-stubborn stains it leaves behind.

Ink: if you’ve ever had trouble cleaning off the ink from a pen that has exploded in your clothing, imagine what it’s like trying to remove it from your flooring!

For Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma…

If any of these substances dares to graze your carpet, don’t worry! Cleanpro has an expert team of carpet cleaners who will stop at nothing to restore your floor. Plus, our fast-drying method eliminates any hassle that can come from having your carpet professionally cleaned. Call (253) 229-7499 to set an appointment today.

And remember, “Don’t steam your carpets, CLEAN your carpets!”

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