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If you are like us, your day can’t really start until you have that warm cup of coffee. As you know; that first sip is the one that gets the magic started. 

Unfortunately, your daily activities demand you to hurry, and that could cause that you spill your coffee all over your carpet. Don’t...
This cold weather invites us to retreat to our homes, and enjoy the company of our families. So it's time for a nice cup of hot chocolate and chimney, that will provide a cozy enviroment to our house. 

Sounds great? Of course! But there is a downside, and some of the soot can end up on our...
We know how much you like to take care of your house; you want it to be tidy, and you’ve worked hard to create a space where you, your family and your guests can feel comfortable.

Unfortunately there are somethings that you can’t control, and with all this snow is possible that the moisture could...
Carpets are warm, cozy, fuzzy and they give our houses a homey feel and style. Nonetheless, sooner or later, stains will start creeping up in them. Accidents happen and we can’t do much to avoid them, but their aftermaths are the worst. Stains are such a pain! The Cleanpro Tacoma Professionals...
It’s been constantly raining here in Tacoma, and you know what that means: mud in the carpet. No matter how much you try to stop it (with the “No Shoes” rule, and placing mats all over the place), mud will creep into your home.

If you’re currently in this dreadful situation, worry not! The...
Having a carpet has a lot of advantages! It's is a great insulator that keeps the temperature of your house, and this translates into a lower power bill! It also brings the style you want for your home.

On the downside there are somethings that can damage your carpet, and they threat to reduce its...
We know that your dog is your best friend, and you take good care of it; you take it everyday for a walk, feed it, play with it and in return it will love you. Besides, you can bet that it will give you an unique and loyal companionship, that you won’t find elsewhere. 

But sometimes...
Time goes by for everything. Do you remember when your carpet was soft and fluffy? Well, daily use and some natural characteristics of carpets cause that they don’t look the same as they used to. But don’t worry! Most of these problems are common, and are not considered manufacturing defects.


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