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Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning

Get your home spotless this spring with these simple but effective spring cleaning tips.

Start with the Dusting

Before starting on your spring cleaning, develop a plan that will allow you to take care of every room one by one. When you start to work on one...

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Vacuum

Buying a new vacuum may not be at the top of your priority list, but if your vacuum is quite old, it should probably be replaced soon. Luckily for you, the past few years have seen many advances in vacuum technology, so there are plenty of vacuum models to...
If you're considering getting carpet for your home, you may be scared off by some common carpet myths. But, how many of these carpet myths are actually true? Get to know the truth in this post.

Learn the Truth Behind Some Carpet Myths

If you're considering carpeting your home, but...

Tips to Help You Deal with Carpet Mold at Home

Whether you have noticed mold in your carpet or are simply doing your best to keep mold from developing in your home, this post can help you identify and prevent mold.

How to Identify Carpet Mold

Carpet mold may not always be easy to identify,...

Get to Know the Truth Behind These Common Carpet Cleaning Myths 

If you’re a new carpet owner, you may have heard a few things about professional carpet cleaning. Instead of believing everything you hear, get to know the truth behind some of the most common carpet cleaning myths. 



Tips to Help Keep Your Carpet Clean This Holiday Season

Whether you're hosting a holiday party at your home or are simply worried about the amount of mud entering your house this season, there are some simple things you can do to prevent new stains from affecting your carpet. Follow these...

How to Prepare to Welcome Carpet Cleaners Into Your Home

If you’ve scheduled a carpet cleaning service, be sure you’re prepared for their arrival. Follow these tips to be as ready as possible for your carpet cleaning.

Vacuum Your Carpet

On the day of your scheduled carpet cleaning be sure to give...

Tips to Help You Remove Common Halloween Carpet Stains

Halloween is a fun holiday that involves dressing up, carving pumpkins, and many treats. While these are all fun parts of the holiday, they can also turn into messy stains on your carpet. Don't let this deter you from having fun this...

Some of the Many Benefits of Carpeting in the Home

If you're considering having carpet installed in your home but aren't sure how this type of flooring can benefit you, Tacoma Cleanpro can help you understand its many advantages.

Change the Appearance of a Room

If you're bored with...

Tips to Help You Keep Your Carpet Cleaner

If you're a new carpet owner or have been enjoying your carpeting for various years, we have some tips that can help you ensure your carpets stay at their best no matter how long they've been in your home. Follow these simple tips from Tacoma Cleanpro in...

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