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Pets are a great addition to a family home, offering unconditional love and support, but they can also cause a lot of mess, especially during the winter. Let Tacoma Cleanpro talk you through some tips on keeping your home spotless.

Wipe their paws

Few things are worse for your flooring than a muddy paw, so keep some old towels by your door and make sure to wipe your dog’s paws when you return from your daily walk. This is especially important during the wetter winter months. If your cat comes and goes of their own accord, make sure to have a mat by each catflap to catch any mud they might bring back with them.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming is important in any home, but is doubly crucial in a home with pets. Pet hair, dust and dirt can all build up between your carpet and upholstery’s fabrics and damage them. Try using an upholstery brush to remove pet hair before vacuuming for best results.

Treat stains immediately

Even if your carpet or fabrics have been treated with stain repellant, it’s important to attend to spills and stains as fast as possible to make sure they don’t become permanent. This is especially important when it comes to the more unpleasant stains that animals may accidentally leave on occasion. Try to use natural carpet cleaners where possible to avoid damaging your carpet or your upholstery with harsh chemicals. 

Wash them regularly

Keeping your pets clean is the best way to limit how much dirt they spread around your home. Wash them at least once every two weeks even if they aren’t visibly dirty, and try to brush them every few days. They’ll probably appreciate the pampering, too!

Of course, the best way to get your carpet as clean as can be is to hire a professional such as Tacoma Cleanpro. Call us at (253) 229-7499 to schedule carpet cleaning in Tacoma.

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