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How to Choose the Perfect Carpet

Runners are a great way to decorate an entryway staircase, accenting it much in the same way an area rug does the whole space, and in addition it protects the steps. Choosing a particular carpet for making your runner, however, can be tricky, so we at CleanPro Tacoma volunteer the following tips for making that decision easier.
  • Take into account other carpets and even rugs that are within sight of the stairs. The runner should coordinate with them, or at least not clash.
  • Measure the width of your steps to know how wide the runner should be. This carpet should mostly cover them, leaving about two or three inches on each side free, but not hide the stairs fully.
  • Go for a flat-weave carpet. Other materials, like plush, could not lend themselves for proper runner installing and might become tripping hazards, while rougher materials such as sisal or jute are just not practical, even though they can stand quite a lot of traffic.
  • While on the subject of traffic, keep in mind that stairs are frequently used, and choose your carpet accordingly. Dark carpets, or with special patterns or stripes that can camouflage wear, withstand traffic better than lighter ones. Nevertheless, if you like light or medium colours, go for it, just choose a resistant carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma

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