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How to Prepare to Welcome Carpet Cleaners Into Your Home

If you’ve scheduled a carpet cleaning service, be sure you’re prepared for their arrival. Follow these tips to be as ready as possible for your carpet cleaning.

Vacuum Your Carpet

On the day of your scheduled carpet cleaning be sure to give you carpet a thorough vacuuming. Doing this before the carpet cleaners arrive will help remove any dirt and debris on the surface of your carpet. Once this is taken care of, the cleaners can focus their attention on more serious issues in your carpet. Some services will take care of the vacuuming for you, so be sure to ask what their service includes when you schedule your appointment.

Dust and Clean Surrounding Areas

While it may sound silly to clean your house in anticipation of a carpet cleaning, this can actually make a big difference afterward. Dusting and cleaning the areas around the rooms getting treated will help ensure your carpet stays cleaner for longer. This is because there will be less dust and debris that can make its way into your freshly cleaned carpet.

Remove Fragile and Valuable Items

Before your cleaners show up, be sure to remove any fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned. Fragile items should be stored in an area where they will be safe during the cleaning. Remember that although the cleaning may be focused on certain spaced in your home, the cleaners will still need to push their equipment through other areas. Although you can trust the professionals going into your home, it’s always best to store valuable items in a locked area. This can help reduce issues and misunderstanding if an item should go missing.

Store Small Items

As your prepare your home for the arrival of your cleaners, don’t forget to pick up and store small items that may be in the way. Small items may include floor lamps, toys, clothing items, and shoes that are on the floor of the room being cleaned. Although theses items are small and easy to move, they can become a tripping hazard and may be in the way. Make the cleaning easier and safer for everyone by taking the time to tidy up and remove these items before your cleaning.

Remember that professional carpet cleanings should be performed at least twice a year. If it’s time for your carpet’s next cleaning, count on the professionals at Tacoma Cleanpro in Tacoma to get your carpet looking great again. You can rely on their professional carpet cleaning service to get your carpet looking and smelling great all year long. Contact them at (253) 229- 7499 to get the best natural carpet cleaning service around!

Identify Trouble Areas

Every room has at least a couple of spots that look worse than the rest of the carpet. These spots may include heavy traffic areas or spots that constantly get sunlight. Whatever the case may be, identify the trouble areas in your carpet before your cleaners show up. Once they are in your home you can point out these areas in order to ensure they get some extra attention. You can even ask you cleaners for advice on keeping these areas looking their best.

Keep Your Pets Happy

Welcoming strangers into your home may cause your pets to feel a bit uncomfortable. To avoid having them interrupt the carpet cleaning service, keep them in another area of your home where they won’t cause any issues. You may also want to consider leaving them at a friend or family member’s house while the cleaning is taken care of. This may work out best if your dog is easily scared since carpet cleaning may involve large equipment, loud noises, and strange people in your home. Remember that some exterior doors may also be left open during the cleaning. Avoid having your pet escape by keeping them somewhere safe.

Keep an Eye on Your Children

Small children may be a bit curious to see what’s going on during the cleaning. Although curiosity is a great trait, keep an eye on them to ensure they’re not getting in the way. Since the furniture in your home won’t be in its usual spot and there may be hoses running through various rooms, do your best to ensure your child stays safe. They may trip over items or run into furniture, so be sure they’re not running through the house during a cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Tacoma

To get your carpet looking and smelling great this fall, contact Tacoma Cleanpro in Tacoma at (253) 229- 7499. Their professionals will be happy to help you get your carpet back to its best using their Ion Exchange Process. Don’t forget to ask about all of the other services they have available.

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