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Most homeowners love to open up their home to visitors. However, if your home has developed some unpleasant odors, you may not be so thrilled to have guests over. These tips can turn that around.

Prevent Odors From Taking Over Your Home

It takes some work to keep your home looking tidy and clean, so it's no surprise homeowners are proud to show this off. If, however, your home looks the part but doesn't quite smell the part, this can be an issue. Before unexpected guests show up at your home, use these tips to get your home smelling fresh and clean.

Detect the Root of the Problem

Before you start going around your home with a bottle of home deodorant spraying every object in sight, try to find the root of the problem. Spraying every room in your home with air freshener may cover up the smell for a bit, but it'll definitely be back shortly. Instead, focus on finding the source of the smell so you can eliminate the problem altogether. Luckily, some of the most common causes of home odors are quite easy to deal with.

Clean the Dishwasher

Not a lot of people actually enjoy washing dishes, but it must get done. If you often employ the help of your dishwasher to get this task done, don't forget that it also needs to be cleaned periodically. If it doesn't get cleaned, it can develop an unpleasant odor. Take the time to clean it every month or so in order to avoid these issues. Cleaning it is quite easy, just run the dishwasher on empty and with a cup of vinegar instead of your normal cleaning solution. You will also need to deep clean it a couple times a year. During these deep cleanings focus on removing old food that has built up around the seals and dishwasher trap. You can use water and vinegar to clean up this buildup.

Get Rid of Cooking Odors

Cooking can be a fun and therapeutic activity for many, but it can also cause your home to smell not so great. If you're fond of cooking smelly but delicious food, allow the bad odors to escape by keeping your windows open. It also helps to use your stove's exhaust fan to remove odors before they have a chance to affect other areas of your home. If your kitchen is left a bit smelly after cooking a particularly pungent dish, consider boiling some water with cinnamon to neutralize the odor.

Clean an Old Carpet

Carpet is a great flooring option for many reasons, but, unfortunately, it is also great at absorbing odors. Keep up with regular vacuuming to reduce odor-causing agents from developing deep in your carpet fibers. If you have pets at home, be sure to bathe them often since their scent can transfer onto your carpet. If you spill something on your carpet, clean it up right away. Allowing moisture to sit on your carpet can cause mold to develop, which does not smell good. The best way to get your carpet smelling great is by having a carpet cleaning service like Tacoma Cleanpro clean it for you. Contact them at (253) 229- 7499 to schedule your next cleaning!

Take out the Trash

Nothing lets you know you forgot to take out the trash like arriving at home after a long day to the smell of trash all over your home. Act quickly to reduce the smell of trash from lingering in your home. If you often to forget to take out the trash, do your best to at least take out the kitchen and bathroom trash daily. These two are more likely to cause unpleasant home odors.

Clean up the Garbage Disposal

Another common odor causer in your kitchen is the garbage disposal. After shredding down tons of food it can start to smell thanks to the trapped bits. Luckily, sticking some citrus in your garbage disposal can help remove the bad odors. Cut up a lemon, lime, or orange and stick some pieces of the fruit in your garbage disposal. Turn on the garbage disposal and wash it all away. If the odors are very strong, pour half a cup of vinegar down your drain and wash it away with cold water. For an even deeper clean, check out these tips!

Reduce Moisture Levels at Home

Finally, high levels of moisture and humidity can cause bad odors to develop in your home. These can cause mold to develop on porous surfaces like the walls, ceilings, and your carpet. Keep mold out of your home by using a dehumidifier or finding the cause of the elevated levels of moisture. In some rooms, like the bathroom, it can help to leave the windows open and use a fan to keep things dry.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Pierce County

If you think your carpet may be the reason for you unpleasant home odors, don't wait any longer to make your next carpet cleaning appointment. Contact Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499 to learn about how they can get your carpet back to its best quickly.

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