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When you’ve got great carpet, you’ll try to prevent any damage to it. Although, with kids, pets, and life happening all around, sometimes you can’t be preventative enough, and that’s OK. That’s why you have the professional carpet cleaners at Tacoma Cleanpro to help you out. In the winter months, you may find that even after setting the rule for shoes to be taken off outside, you’ll still have stains due to snow sludge melting on your carpets. Today, we’d like to share a few simple tips to remove snow sludge, to keep those carpets looking new. For stains or odors caused by pets, check out these cleaning tips for pet owners
  • First, allow the spot to dry on its own-even if there is still snow, let it melt and dry
  • Using a spray bottle, fill it halfway with water and the other half with white vinegar
  • Gradually spray the stain and blot 
  • If you do not think this method is rigorous enough, you may choose to soak a towel in the water and vinegar solution and leave it on the spot for approximately 10 minutes
  • After you’ve finished, vacuum up the area
  • If you’ve still got a stain, you can certainly try the method again as it is not going to harm your carpet
  • *NOTE: Do not use baking soda when cleaning snow sludge off of the carpet. The salt in the snow and the baking soda will react poorly and not create the desired results

When you decide that it is time for a professional carpet cleaning, for carpet cleaning in Tacoma remember to contact us at Cleanpro, (253) 229-7499. We will come and give you an estimate for our services and make sure that your carpets are left looking the best they have in years. Don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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