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Your carpet is perhaps your best ally against the current weather; it will not only keep your home warm and cozy, but will also help to reduce your power bill. Having carpeting has many advantages but, like all things, carpet has a limited life cycle.

Depending on the material and traffic on your carpet, the average lifespan is about 10 years. At Cleanpro in Tacoma, we know that replacing your carpet is expensive, and that’s why we would like to share a few signs you should look for before taking this decision. 


Using the right cleaning method should be enough to remove stains from your carpet, and some fibers are even treated to avoid stains. Unfortunately, there are some stains produced by bleach, fertilizers or food that will permanently stain your carpet. If you have many stains that you can’t get rid of, consider replacing your carpet. 


Like stains, you should be able to remove certain odors by cleaning your carpet. However, stubborn odors are a red flag as they could indicate that there is mildew or mold growing in your carpet’s fibers. 


Don’t forget that padding is what provides the underfoot comfort and it’s as important as the fibers you choose. However, you should pay attention to its condition; unevenness and wrinkles are a few signs of damage, and damaged padding means a shorter lifespan for the carpet on top of it.  

Remember that getting your carpet cleaned by professional cleaners removes debris and other particles that damage your carpet’s fibers, which will lengthen its life. Be sure to read this previous post containing useful information to help you choose new carpet for your home if you do need to replace yours.

If you are currently looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma, think about CLEANPRO. Our exclusive Ion Exchange Process overcomes some of the usual problems of outdated methods which leave carpets wet for hours or even days. Our unique system uses very little moisture to provide you with amazing results our competitors simply can’t match.  

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