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Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning

Get your home spotless this spring with these simple but effective spring cleaning tips.

Start with the Dusting

Before starting on your spring cleaning, develop a plan that will allow you to take care of every room one by one. When you start to work on one room, be sure to take care of the cleaning from top to bottom. As you work your way from the ceiling to the floor, be sure you take care of all the dusting first. No matter the room, removing dust from surfaces first will make the rest of your cleaning more effective. Start by dusting ceiling fan blades and work your way down to light fixtures, and other furniture before tackling the rest of your cleaning.

Take Care of Hard Surfaces

Once things have been dusted, pay attention to the hard surfaces in the room. Often we don't pay much attention to the state of the walls, doors, baseboards, and door frames, but now is a great time to take care of them. Use a bucket of warm soapy water and a gentle rag to clean off these surfaces and get rid of any unsightly marks.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning your home's windows is a great way to add sparkle to your exteriors and a brighter aspect to your interiors. Wait for a cloudy day to wash your windows since the bright sun can cause cleaning products to dry faster and become streaky on glass surfaces. Before getting started, remove the screens from the window. Use a gentle rag and a bucket of warm soapy water to remove dirt and other debris from the windows. To dry the windows, use a gentle rag or a squeegee. Don't also forget to wash the screens and allow them to dry before placing them back in their spot.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Winter weather can take a toll on carpets because rain, snow, mud, and other elements can make it indoors and onto your carpet. Once the winter is over, schedule a carpet cleaning appointment to get your carpets back to their best. A professional carpet cleaning service can get your carpets looking like new even after a harsh winter. Click here to contact Tacoma Cleanpro for the best carpet cleaning service in town! To schedule your next carpet cleaning with the best service around, contact Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499. They offer the most professional carpet cleaning service in Federal Way that is sure to get your carpets looking and smelling great.

Take Care of Upholstery and Drapes

Much like your carpets, your upholstery and drapes may also need a bit of help after the holiday season. Use your vacuum attachments to remove dust and other debris on the surface of these items. You can also use spot treatments to treat any stains that developed over the winter. Be sure you know what treatments you can use on your upholstery before using just anything. If your drapes don't need a full wash, simply stick them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet at a low setting to remove any dust they may have picked up. If you're planning to schedule a carpet cleaning, why not take advantage of Tacoma Cleanpro's other services? They also offer upholstery care and deodorizing that can help you tackle your spring cleaning even faster.

Deep Clean the Bathrooms

Most homeowners clean their bathrooms weekly, but the arrival of spring means it's time to give them a deeper cleaning. Start by decluttering areas like the bathtub, countertops, and the medicine cabinet. These spaces can become home to many unused bottles, tools, and even expired medication. Toss anything that you no longer use or need to make your cleaning easier. Don't forget to also replace your shower curtain and any mats that have started to show signs of mold or mildew. Use your favorite cleaning products to clean your bathtub, shower walls, shower door, sink, counter tops, cabinets, toilet, and mirrors.

Perform a Safety Check

As you're going through your home getting it as clean as possible, remember to also perform a safety check. Test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in every room to make sure they still work. Replace batteries that are old and install detectors in rooms that are frequently used. Finally, check your fire extinguishers to make sure they're not expired and replace any that are no longer usable. For even more spring cleaning suggestions, check out these tips from Martha Stewart.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Federal Way

Your carpets have the potential to elevate the look of your home. Take proper care of them by performing regular maintenance, but don't forget the importance of getting them professionally cleaned twice a year. Schedule your next carpet cleaning service in Federal Way  contacting Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499. Get to know all of the services they have available.

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