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The smells of spring are wonderful: the flowers, breeze, fruits, and all around freshness. Sadly, those delightful and invigorating aromas are replaced by the stinky odors in your carpet when you enter your home! If you want to bring the outside scents into your flooring, the Cleanpro Tacoma Professionals have this post for you!

How to Make Your Carpet Smell Good

Sprinkle and Wait

Baking soda is great to absorb disgusting odors! Sprinkle it generously over your carpet. Then, you’ll have to wait around 10 minutes for it to work properly and remove the stench from your carpet!

Vacuum Thoroughly

Once the disgusting smell is trapped, the next step will be to get your vacuum out and use it to clean the baking soda off your carpet! Go through your floor a few times to ensure that all of it is gone.

Mix It Up

Now comes the good part! To give your carpet a fresh smell, you’ll need to mix water, vinegar, and a slice of lemon in a spray bottle. The vinegar will stop any bad odor that may have lingered and the lemon will give it a citrus-y and spruced up smell!

Spray it Around!

Since you’ve created your magic potion that will protect you against a stinky carpet, all that’s left to do now is spray that wonderful aroma on your flooring and whole house, to give it a fresh and spring-y smell!

If the Bad Smells Linger…

Sometimes, the stench is stubborn, which probably means that you need professional help to get it out for good. If this is the case, remember that the Cleanpro team is an expert in carpet cleaning in Tacoma! We have a unique method that will leave your carpets feeling, looking, and smelling good as new!

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