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How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Buying new carpet for your home can seem like an easy task, but there is actually much research to be done. Before choosing your new carpet, consider these important tips.

Where Will It Be Installed?

When you start shopping around for new carpet, one of the most important aspects to consider is the space in which it will be installed. Be sure to let the salesperson helping you know things like how the room is used, how much foot traffic it generally sees, and whether it has direct access to the outdoors. All of these characteristics will help determine what pile type, style, and color will be best.

Choose a Style

Carpets generally come in three distinct styles: loop pile, cut pile and cut and loop pile. Loop pile is called that because each strand is looped back into the carpet backing. While this style can be more luxurious, durable, and versatile, it is also more prone to snagging and runs. It's not a great idea to have this style in homes with pets because their claws can cause snags more often. Cut pile refers to carpets with fibers that stick straight up. Generally, these fibers will have some twist to them so that they are more able to resist matting and being crushed. Cut pile is great for wall to wall carpeting although it can show footprints. Cut and loop pile combines both of these styles creating a different texture. Whatever carpet style you choose, you can be sure your home will benefit from this type of flooring.

What Color Works Best in a Space?

Choosing the perfect carpet color will depend on a few characteristics. First of all, consider what activities will go on in a room and how much foot traffic it will have to withstand. Rooms that get a lot of daily use are better off with carpets that aren't white or off-white colors. These will show signs of wear, stains, and dirt much more than color options. Smaller rooms will benefit from lighter colored carpeting because this will help the space look larger. If a room tends to get a lot of natural light, avoiding color is ideal because patches exposed to light can fade. Finally, stick to a color or pattern that matches the room's color scheme. Take into account the color of the walls, the upholstery, and the drapes before making your final choice. A great way to ensure your carpet lasts long and looks great is by getting professional carpet cleanings at least twice a year. For the best carpet cleaning service in Pierce County, contact Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499. Their carpet experts will be able to treat stains, odors, and any other carpet issues you may come across.

The Difference in Fibers

There are six main carpet fiber types. The majority of carpets are made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene (olefin), cotton, wool, or acrylic. Nylon is the most popular type of carpet fiber because it tends to be affordable while still holding onto properties like durability, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance. It's good for high foot traffic areas and comes in a variety of colors. Polyester fibers offer a great color selection and tend to be resistant to fading, and stain resistant. They can, however, be susceptible to getting crushed and flattening. It's best to invest in polyester fibers that have more twists as this will help them be more resistant to getting crushed. Wool is another popular option but tends to be quite pricey. Wool fibers are durable and resilient while holding onto a rich look and feel. The type of fiber you choose for your home is very important because making an informed decision will help ensure your carpet lasts longer.

Find the Proper Padding

Padding may not be visible, but it's a very important part of your carpet. It acts as a foundation that can make a difference in how long your carpet lasts. Carpeted areas that experience large amounts of foot traffic will be better off with a thin and firm padding. Other areas that don't experience as much foot traffic will benefit from a thick and soft padding. Be sure you're getting the perfect padding in order to prevent wrinkling, carpet breakdown, and a diminished appearance.

Have a Clear Budget

One of the biggest factors to consider is also your budget. Have a clear budget and at least an estimate of the size of the room you want to carpet before starting to shop around. Don't forget to include carpet removal, carpet installation, and carpet padding into your budget so that you have a clearer idea of what you can realistically afford. Another aspect to consider when shopping for carpet is your indoor air quality. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, consider investing in carpet products with the Green Label Plus certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Pierce County

Keep your carpet looking like new for longer by having it professionally cleaned. If it's time for your next carpet cleaning service in Pierce County, contact Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499. They'll have your carpet looking like new through their safe and effective CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System.

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