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If you've decided it's time to get new carpet for your home, making your final choice can be tough. To help you make the best choice for your home, check out these carpet picking tips.

How to Choose Carpet for Your Home

Wall to wall carpet is a serious investment, so it makes sense that you would take your time choosing the right carpet. Since there are so many options to choose from, this process can even get overwhelming. To help make it easier, check out these tips from Tacoma Cleanpro.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Choosing a new carpet isn't as easy as picking one that looks nice. Since carpet can get quite pricey, you'll want to be sure you're getting one that will last long while still holding onto it's looks. Because of this, you need to consider what type of use your carpet will be getting. A home with small children and pets will likely need a more sturdy pile type and a shade that will hide stains better. If you don't have kids or pets to worry about, lighter colors and more luxurious piles types are a great option to add the color and texture you're after to any room.

Understand the Difference in Pile Types

Carpets aren't all made the same. One of the biggest differentiators in carpets is the pile type. There are three common pile types, each with their pros and cons that should be considered before making your final choice: Loop pile- A loop pile carpet is made up of tons of tiny carpet strands that are woven into the base as loops. This pile type is known for being more durable and is a great option for areas of the home with high foot-traffic. Cut pile- Cute pile carpets are also made of looped carpet strands, but these are cut to give the carpet a different texture. The softer texture created by the strands standing straight up makes it a popular choice. It is more luxurious than a loop pile but it's also less resistant to crushing and matting. Woven pile- This option is considered more fine and luxurious because of its texture and look. Within this pile type, you'll have high-end options like Axminster, Wilton, and flat weave styles.

Color Selection

Next up is choosing the color for your carpet. You may be set on getting a darker colored carpet because this can help hide stains, but keep in mind that darker colors can make a room look smaller and more cozy. Lighter colors, on the other hand, can make a room look larger and brighter. There are also carpet options that blend a number of different colors together, creating a neutral blend that it also great for handling stains. Of course, your decision should make sense for the room its going in, the amount of foot traffic it'll get, and your current decor. Keeping your carpet looking like new doesn't have to be hard. Getting professional carpet cleanings done every year may be all you need to keep your carpet in great shape for longer. For the best carpet cleaning service in Federal Way, contact Tacoma Cleanpro at (253) 229- 7499.

Get to Know the Warranty

All carpets come with warranties, but not all of these warranties are the same. Look for a carpet that comes with a longer warranty period because this shows more faith in the product from the manufacturer. Be sure to get to know the warranty well in order to ensure it doesn't get nullified before it runs out. One thing to look out for includes coverage if you're planning to carpet your stairs. Since this area gets a lot of foot-traffic and the carpet must be bent into shape, many warranties won't cover it. Sometimes your warranty will also be nullified if you don't get professional carpet cleanings during a set period of time.

Don't Forget the Padding

Finally, don't forget to also invest in a great carpet padding. Even if you can't see the padding, it's still worth investing in a high-quality option. Think of the padding as the foundation that supports your carpet. Without proper padding, your carpet will get worn out much faster. To give it the proper support and strength, look for a reliable carpet padding.

Keep Your Carpet in Great Shape With a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Federal Way

Get the best carpet cleaning service in Federal Way by booking your next carpet cleaning with Tacoma Cleanpro. Their carpet cleaning method uses little moisture, ensuring your carpets won't get warped or damaged in the process. Contact them at (253) 229- 7499 to learn more and be sure to also ask about their tile and grout services.

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