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Cats are lovely, but they can also be spoiled and misbehave in many ways. An undesirable behavior is when they scratch your carpet; damaging it and giving to your home an untidy look. 

Still, we know how much you love your cat, and how your furry friend has provided you great moments. These reasons make it impossible not to pamper them, and resist to their purrs.

Here at Cleanpro in Tacoma, we know that you like to take care of your house and cat. That’s why, we have a few tips that can prevent your cat from scratching your carpet.

Here's how you you deal with your cat's behavior

Why Do They Scratch?

Scratching is in the cat’s DNA. It helps to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, and it’s also a way to mark their territory, in fact that's how they communicate with other cats. 


This practice is cruel, and it’s almost as if someone cuts a part of your fingers. So don’t remove their claws! You will be impairing your pet for life and there are more downsides than benefits. Instead, try to trim its claws. You can do it yourself or you can take him to the vet!

How to Avoid It?

The best way to stop your cat from ruining your carpet is training. Buy three or four scratching post, and place them next to the areas where your cat likes to scratch.

Now comes the tricky part; you have to train your cat to use his post. Motivate and cheer it every time he uses his post, and use energetic tones when your cat is destroying your carpet. This may take a while, but once he get’s used to it say hello to a tidy carpet!

Your cat and your carpet can coexist peacefully; you just need some time and a little patience to achieve it. 

If you have a pet; your carpet will need professional cleaning at least twice a year. And there's no better way to give to your carpet a great treatment than Cleanpro.

So next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tacoma make sure to contact us! Our unique cleaning system is eco-friendly and won’t harm your family or your pet! For more information about us, please call (253) 229-7499.

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