The CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® was developed by Kevin Owsley and the extraordinary help of a senior hydrocarbon chemist name Dave Maxwell to overcome the all too familiar problems associated with steam cleaning (hot water extraction). From its inception,CLEANPRO has continued to amaze customers worldwide with our unique ION EXCHANGE® carpet cleaning process. We are extremely proud that our carpet cleaning system has provided so many people with the opportunity and extreme cutting edge needed to have an unfair advantage over our competition in the carpet cleaning industry. We have been experiencing tremendous growth in the use of our system worldwide. CLEANPRO was the first carpet cleaning company to be officially endorsed by Best Western® International, the largest hotel chain in the world, for approximately 15 years. We also became praised in an undercover investigation done by the Wall Street Journal. We are pleased to say that we were “their best experience” of the companies that were part of the undercover investigation.

The science and technology that CLEANPRO incorporates into our specially formulated citrus-based organic cleaning solution provides the end customer with an amazing carpet cleaning job virtually every time, especially when the carpet is extremely dirty. The CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System®was designed to clean the dirtiest of carpets safely, effectively and quickly, while still using a low moisture, 1-2 hour quick drying process.

“When I started my carpet cleaning company using our amazing and exclusive quick-drying ION EXCHANGE® process, my very first month I earned about $6,000 working from my home and my business was booming with referrals right off the bat. With a whopping repeat customer base of about 95%, I was earning about $20,000 a month by my second year. I was young and inexperienced and thank God for this technology because it easily sold itself. My mission is to give good people the same opportunity that I was fortunate to have, and we have been successful in doing so. Very soon we will be the most respected well-known carpet cleaning company in the world.”

- Kevin Owsley (President and Founder)