The CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® was not only designed to have absolutely no residue, it was also designed to neutralize any type of soap that is already in the carpet from the previous cleanings. Companies that do hot-water extraction never actually rinse the carpet. There are a few reasons for this. Most everyone them put their soap or surfactant-based product right in the machine that they are using, whether it’s a truck mounted unit or portable unit. They only extract what they can and then their done. If they were to attempt to rinse the carpet, it would be extremely difficult to get that surfactant soap or detergent out, also it would take twice the amount of time to clean the carpet, and last but not least,  the carpet will be twice as wet! Steam cleaners do not want you to know this fact. Remember steam is not steam, it is just water. You cannot extract steam period. You can only extract water.

We even do a special demonstration for customers with our product to prove to them that we are not leaving any residue in the carpet whatsoever. We have absolutely nothing to hide.

So, if you have soap residue in your carpet, you’ll probably already know it. You will see it in the traffic areas or in front of your furniture. Your carpet will most likely be stuck to the floor if it’s really bad. Believe it or not, the soap is harder to get out of the carpet than the dirt itself. Most every product our competitors use is almost like glue to the carpet. Dust and dirt are attracted to this almost immediately. This is why carpets get dirty so quickly after they’ve been cleaned. Also you may know or have heard that once carpets are cleaned since they have been new, they are never the same again. One of the main reasons is simply because of the residue.  The CLEANPRO process was designed to remove all of that soap surfactant and detergent. That’s why we can make carpets last two or three times longer than the average life expectancy.