When it comes to residential carpet cleaning, the CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® literally blows people away. We clean carpets all the time where the customer beforehand is convinced that they have to replace their carpets. In most cases we can bring their carpet back to like new again, thanks to our amazing ION EXCHANGE® cleaning technology. Our quick drying, no residue carpet cleaning system provides us with repeat customers and referrals like nobody else.


Among many things, this is where we are very different from our national competitors. We are sure that you have experienced insane “bait and switch” pricing.  If you're not familiar with this term, it's where you get one price on the phone, then when the carpet cleaner shows up it is usually 4 to 5 times the price or more. Our policy is not to give pricing over the phone to be fair to the customer. We don't want to under charge,  or over charge for our work. We always make sure that the customer knows exactly what they're paying before we start. We are fair, straightforward and honest with our customers at all times. Customers never like surprises.

When it comes to our pricing, we are not the cheapest but we are not the most expensive either. We are competitive because we have to be. Now when we do price a job out, we aren’t just comparing ourselves with just anyone, we make sure that we're comparing ourselves with the more expensive competitors out there. We don't compare ourselves with the cheapest pricing out there. Because of the amazing product that we have, we do have to charge reasonably for the quality that we deliver. Our policy is when we do our pricing, we always to make sure that the customer knows up front what they're going to be paying before the job is done.