One of the first things that most steam cleaning (water extraction) companies try to upsell to the consumer once they’re in your door is deodorizing. Most of them just add a small amount of deodorizing products to their cleaning water tank. Most consumers want to get the deodorizing because everyone knows that in almost every case the carpet smells after the cleaning. This is because of the natural jute backing of the carpet. This is where the bacteria growth starts after only hours of being wet. The problem is, the deodorizing wears off in most cases before the carpet is even dry. The products they’re using for deodorizing when they are cleaning are mostly just a temporary cover-up, not an elimination of the nasty, musty smell that most people have to go through when they get their carpets steam cleaned.

The CLEANPRO deodorizing products that we use completely eliminate and neutralize any type of odor.  We normally do not upsell deodorizing with our carpet cleaning, because Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System® largely deodorizes and disinfects when we clean. However, when there is a serious odor problem, our CLEANPRO deodorizing will take care of business. Our deodorizing will eliminate and neutralize any type of odor, as long as the source of the order is removed. As far as we know, none of our national competitors have a money-back guarantee when it comes to deodorizing or odor removal. Our deodorizing process is so effective that we do have a 100% money-back guarantee.