Commercial carpet cleaning is something that we have vast experience with. Whether it is a large 35 story office building, rental units, or any other type of commercial carpet cleaning, CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® will amaze customers time and time again. We have the ability to make carpets last 2 to 3 times longer on average for any commercial building. We're talking about a lot of money to be saved on behalf of the owners of these buildings. There is no carpet that is too dirty for the CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System®. As far as we are concerned, the dirtier the better!


When it comes to our pricing, we are not the cheapest but we are not the most expensive either. We are competitive because we have to be. Now, when we do price a job out, we aren’t just comparing ourselves with just anyone, we make sure that we're comparing ourselves with the more expensive competitors out there. We don't compare ourselves with the cheapest pricing out there. Because of the amazing product that we have, we do have to charge reasonably for the quality that we deliver. Our policy is when we do our pricing, we always to make sure that the customer knows up front what they're going to be paying before the job is done.